About Us

AAUW Vermont

AAUW of Vermont is committed to achieving quality education of women and girls throughout their lives and to promote equity for women and girls in all walks of life. To achieve these goals, we are active in our communities and lobby Members of Congress and the Vermont Legislature on issues related to equity and education for women.

AAUW of Vermont has a total membership of approximately 110 with three active local branches: Bennington, Brattleboro, and Middlebury.

We also have approximately 150 national members of AAUW living within our state who are not associated with a branch. All national members are welcome to attend state or branch meetings and to work with us in our programming and lobbying efforts

Many AAUW events are open to the public and cover a wide variety of interests.

For an overview of AAUW’s history in Vermont, see “AAUW Vermont: The First 90 Years” by Gudrun Hutchins (Presentation at the AAUW Statewide Convention in 2010).

AAUW of Vermont Bylaws

2016 Revision of AAUW of Vermont Bylaws

AAUW Vermont Steering Committee 2018 – 2020

  • Administrator:  Gudrun Hutchins 802-823-7220
  • Secretary:  Julie Mackaman 802-823-5545
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Ambler 802-254-9181